About the Festival

The Krakow Fringe Festival is a new arts and culture festival that will take place between June 15th-18th 2017.

Krakow Fringe Festival works specifically to promote spoken word arts and culture and offers attendees a variety of interesting and engaging shows by performers from genres such as drama, stand-up comedy, poetry and magic. The Fringe Festival provides an opportunity for performers to showcase their talents while allowing attendees to view performances at an affordable price.

The initiative strives to promote the ‘Fringe values’ that make up a fringe festival through diversity, fairness and positivity. By keeping the event open to any participant the Krakow Fringe will ensure that performers are not chosen on the basis of their ability or reputation but by their willingness to participate.

The 2017 Krakow Fringe Festival couldn't happen without the support of the following team members and Krakow Fringe Partners:

Fringe Partners:
Red Viper Media Arts - Video Production Partner
Krakow Expats Directory - Media Partner
The Krakowist - Media Partner

Fringe Team:
Ashley Deppeler - Fringe Organiser
Marek Wawrzyniak - Fringe Organiser
Christine Skobe - Social Media Curator
Richard Lucas - Fringe Advisor
Trevor Hawes - Fringe Advisor
Tomasz Biskup - Fringe Advisor
Derrek Carriveau - Fringe Advisor
Jim Williams - Fringe Advisor
Peadar de Burca - Fringe Advisor
Indira Hamaker - Fringe Artist

Szpitalna 1
Lost Bar
Dobry Kumpel
Cafe Szafe